Day 9: 30 Days of Clean Eating | Benefits of Clean Eating

Benefits of Clean Eating

What are the benefits of clean eating??

Day 9 of my 30 Days of Clean Eating Challenge.   Some of you may be wondering why do this.  Why should I eat clean? What’s in it for me?

Remember, Clean Eating is not a diet.  It’s a WAY of eating.  We see all  kinds of “Fad Diets” out there that just are not working.  We keep hearing so much about obesity in America.   There is just so much processed and pre-packaged foods in our stores loaded with hidden sugars in many forms…..high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, fructose, sucralose and many more.

Start reading your labels. It is best if an item you are buying as 3 or 4 ingredients (or less)  listed on the label.  More than that and you are probably entering the “not clean” territory.

I really, truly do not feel like I am missing out anything.  Sure…. I cheat occasionally.  I’m human.  I love my occasional ice cream, burgers, pizza. And don’t get me near a Chik-fil-a!

The key is to eat clean 80-90% of the time and you don’t feel bad at all when you do have those cheat moments or days or weeks, like I had over the Holidays.  Moderation is key.

1.  Lose weight  and body fat

2.  Sleep Better

3.  Clearer skin

4.  Higher metabolism

5.  Less expensive (one of my favorite reasons)

6.  Increased Muscle

7.  More energy

8.  Decreased risk of certain diseases

9.  More satisfied

10.  Less hungry

Just feel better all together!


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