Coupon Organizing

There are several different ways you can organize your coupons. Below are just a few ideas to see what works best for you.

The accordion organizer that I have been using is probably the most used methods. Other included binders, photo boxes, envelopes and even plastic file box organizers. Pick the one that works best for you.

I have tried several myself.  I am currently using good ole envelopes for my grocery coupons –3 of them actually. 1 is A-F, 2 is G-O, and 3 is P-Z. These stay in my purse always!! Then I use an small accordion one for my Drugstore coupons.

Don’t feel guilty if you try a few different ones to see what you like best.

Accordion Coupon Filer

As I said, this is by far the most popular probably. You can organize yours alphabetically or by category. I have done it both ways but for me alphabetically works. I use this method right now for my Drugstores. Everything that I can buy at the Drugstores for their cheapest goes in here. When I am headed for my planned trip, I just pull the coupons and put them in the front of the filer. But I still carry it with me to the store in case I find a great clearance item :-)

Binder Method:

This method is becoming more and more popular! I did it for my grocery store coupons and really like it. Then the worst thing happened. I accidentally left it in my shopping cart (I know..I wonder how too) and when I went back to find it, it was not where to be found. It was a terrible moment.I kept checking at the store each time I went in hoping someone would feel guilty. But they didn’t and someone got themselves a REALLY organized coupon book. So that’s when I went back to the envelope method.

The concept is to use it with baseball card holders. You file your coupons in the plastic sleeves in the order you prefer. Alphabetically, categories, etc. It has it’s Pros and Cons. It is super organized where you can see each coupon quickly. But it is a little more work to get it that way because you do have to fold some coupons to make them fit.

Whole Insert Method

This method of organizing is the buy far least time-consuming. Instead of cutting the coupons out of each insert, you just file the inserts by date. Just staple them at the fold so the pages stay in place and right the Date on the front in black marker. Then you just clip as you need them. This method is super easy and the least time consuming. But the only big Con is that if you see a great clearance sale then you won’t have your coupons with you to grab it for FREE or practically free, which is the best.

Photo Boxes or Plastic Bins Method

This method is also great for having all of your coupons neatly organized. It is a little bulkier than a smaller accordion folder but it does allow for very easy access of your coupons. Of course, you have to be a lot more careful not to drop this one or things could get ugly very quick :)

There are SO many ways to organize your coupons. Experiment, have fun and enjoy saving loads of money.


  1. KAT says

    Wow, you are really organized, no matter what method you are using!! :)

    I wish I could get organized like that, I just don’t have the patience.

  2. Luv a Bargain! says

    Hi Kat,

    Thanks for the message. I think if I can do it, then anybody can:)

    I think it seems more intimidating than actually doing it. Let me know if I can help you in any way.

  3. Christine says

    Coupon binders are GREAT for people who are really into saving a ton of money!! I think that organizing can change all the time and sometimes one method fits one person but not another. Although I enjoy the binder style because I have more than just grocery coupons I have been on the search for other organizers so that my friends and family will also join me. I found some very cute organizers on etsy at These are perfect for people who need an organizer for the grocery store. The best part is that my mom and sister are now hooked on couponing because they have cute organizers to show off and they now like to clip coupons!

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