New Ibotta Offers: 10 Ways to Earn this Weekend


Ibotta has come up with 10 things you could do this weekend to have fun while also earning a small pile of extra cash :-)

Here goes:

While grocery shopping this weekend:

1) Redeem the Any Brand Milk Offer and earn $.50
2) Redeem a 2nd offer (that’s more cash) and earn the Santa’s Snacks Bonus by Sunday night for $1 extra (yay!)
3) Redeem a 3rd offer and be entered for 100 chances to win $10 this weekend (cash will be available on your account next week if you win)
4) Go for 4 offers or more and watch the cash add up

At this same time:

5) Watch a movie this weekend with friends or family and earn $1 more
6) Stay warm by redeeming the first Any Brand offer for an electric space heater to collect $2
7) Pick up a gift or two for someone special at Best Buy – that’s $10
8) Grab a snack at Jamba on Saturday and Dunkin’ on Sunday – $1.50
9) Pick up a meal at Burger King for $1, sit down to eat at Chili’s ($1 to $1.75) and/or find a Smashburger to gain $2 or more.
10) Sit back, relax and count your earnings ;-)

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