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  • 1 skein of 100% wool yarn I used Fishermen’s Wool yarn or unravel an old 100% wool sweater you’re not wearing
  • old pantyhose or knee highs stockings
  • scissors
  • knitting needle or heavy duty sewing needle
  • optional: essential oils if you'd like a scent


  • Start by wrapping the wool yarn around two fingers about 10 times
  • Then pull the yarn off your fingers and wrap across the middle of that about 10 more times.
  • Continue wrapping yarn around 7-10 times each time you change directions as you move around forming a ball.
  • Continue wrapping yarn around the ball in different directions (at least 7-10 times before moving to a new location) until the ball of yarn is about tennis ball sized.
  • Cut the yarn with about a six inch tail. Tuck the end under several of the layers of yarn.
  • Then push it as far inside the ball as you can. (You can use a blunt-tipped needle for this if you have one handy)
  • Repeat the above steps to make additional dryer balls.
  • Once you have all the dryer balls made, place them one at a time into one of the legs of the stockings. Tie off in between each ball so they are separated like one big yarn ball caterpillar.

Felting the wool dryer balls

  • Toss the caterpillar string of wool balls into the washing machine with your next towel load and wash on HOT water and a cold water rinse cycle.
  • Dry the caterpillar on HOT as well.
  • You may need to repeat the washing and drying cycles several time before they are properly "felted" (up to 3 or 4 times)
  • For regular loads, use at least 4-6 balls to notice a decrease in drying time. For large loads, use 6 or more wool balls. The more you use, the more quickly your clothes will dry.
  • You can add 1-2 drops of essential oils to each ball if you'd like. I would use a clear oil so there is no chance of stains.