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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to ToSimplyInspire.com, formerly Luv a Bargain (you can read all about our rebranding process here and here)

To Simply Inspire is a blog that focuses on encouraging, motivating and inspiring you to cook, create, save, and find a happy balance in life.

I’m Sherri, a Homeschooling mom of my sweet 11 year old daughter,  “Mom” to a great 19 year old son,  and wife to a wonderful husband, who has made it possible for me to do what I do.

Welcome to my world of trying to live a simple, healthy, frugal life.  I am in love cooking and sharing my recipes with you, DIY projects, and stretching my dollars wherever I can.  It’s an obsession of sorts. :-)   I am always learning and am, by no means, perfect.  But I have truly found that making a few changes here and there allows more flexibility in life.

There are easy ways to save money each month . And by doing a little simple planning I have cut my grocery budget to $400 a month for my family of 4.

I love hearing from you and “Thank You” in advance for taking time to write.

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