DIY Coffee Filter Wreath

diy coffee filter wreath

DIY Coffee Filter Wreath

I am so excited about this DIY Coffee Filter Wreath that I made today. :-)

I have been wanting to make this beauty for so long.  I finally decided that since it this a whopping 16 degrees outside it would make the perfect way for me and my daughter to spend our afternoon.

And wait….most importantly! It is SO cheap to make. Ready for this. It cost me $5.43!!  Honestly, if I didn’t want the pretty new ribbon I used to hang it, it would have cost me only $3.04.  I already had my glue gun and the glue sticks.

You could spend a little more and buy a wreath base at your local craft store but my goal was to spend as little as possible.  I saw them at Hobby Lobby for about $4.99.

coffee filter wreath supplies

The supplies I bought:

(1) 6 ft 3/4″ Pipe Insulation (Home Depot) – $1.28

(2) 100 ct. of Coffee Filters (Walmart) – $0.88 each

Wire Coat Hanger

Glue Gun

Glue Sticks

Ribbon, if wanted to hang

coffee filter wreath supplies1

First, I cut the 6 ft long pipe insulation in half.  You can actually make (2) wreaths if you buy one more package of filters.

Then, unwrapped the coat hanger and straightened it as much as I could and slid it into one piece of pipe insulation.

Next, I formed the tube into the closest circle I could and taped the ends together. (my daughter helped to hold it)  I shaped it into the best looking circle I could.  That’s the great part about putting the coat hanger inside of it.

It looks kind of wacky doesn’t it? I was a little nervous I would end up with a square looking wreath.

coffee filter taped wreath

Then, I starting gluing the coffee filters onto the base.  I just folded the filter in half and the folded in the sides like this…

coffee scrunchingfilters

Then I just applied a line of glue to the seam of it.

I glued them on in sort of a pattern….Left, right, center.   Keep gluing on the filters all the way around.  I tried to followed this pattern unless I saw a spot that needed more.  It’s completely okay to add more.

coffee filter gluing-on-the-filters

I used about 150 filters (out of the 200 I bought). The fuller the better in my eyes.

coffee filter steps-of-gluing-on

Just continue on with your gluing.  My worries were over by the time I got 1/2 way around. My circle was there! Yippee!! :-)

coffee filter almost-finished-wreath

A little extra scrunching where necessary and then LOOK…..

I wanted to hang it by a ribbon too. I love how pretty it looks with this little extra step.  I bought a whole spool of ribbon at Hobby Lobby for $2.39.  ($3.99 minus my 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon)

I cut a piece of ribbon the length of where I wanted it to hang on my mirror. (doubled the length, folded it and hot glued it onto the back of the wreath with the loop at the top. (not the prettiest picture but hopefully you can tell what I did)

coffee filter glued-ribbon

Then I cut another long piece of ribbon to tie my bow. (I would say about 3 feet) I hung the wreath from a simple rubber suction cup thingy that has a hook on it.

I am so over the top excited about how it turned out! My happy place!

finished-coffee-filter wreath2

Inspired by The Frugal Homemaker


  1. says

    I have checked out all your wreaths and have fallen in love with each, how smart you are with the coffee filter wreath and turned out just awesome. i have never really tried making a wreath but so want to make one of yours..Thank you so much, have a great day.

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