Easy Way to Organize Food Storage Containers

Organize Food Storage Containers...Easy and Cheap

Back in November, I bought brand new sparkly clean Food Storage Containers. Does anyone else get as excited as I do about this?  It feels so good to purge the oldies that have mysteriously lost their lids.  I really don’t get how this happens.

I organized my new containers and did like how pretty it looked, BUT every time I opened my cabinet and pulled out the drawer the lids would move all around end up getting messy. I was loosing my love quick each time I went to get one.

Before organizing

THEN….yesterday while perusing the Dollar Section at Target I spotted these little baskets and that light bulb went off!  LID HOLDERS!  Let’s try it!  For $1.00 each what the heck….. I grabbed 2.

Organizing Baskets

I LOVE IT!! SO PRETTY!! I am still trying to decide where I like the baskets better.  What do you think? Across the back or on the side?

Organize Food Storage Containers...Easy and Cheap

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  1. Susan says

    Yes, sparkly new containers excite me as much as those adorable baskets you found for your lids! Thanks for sharing at Inspire Us Thursday on Organized 31.

  2. Betty819 says

    We woke up to snow this morning so it’s a perfect day to do some decluttering and organizing. I’m like you, how do the lids seem to disappear? I never thought of rolling kitchen towels, will try it and see how it works for me. Managed to get all leftovers dumped in garbage bag and out to curb for pick-up today. Now to wash down the inside of the fridge. I have two of those Fridge binz and love them; using them for DH’s medications..just wrote a note to myself to buy more. Cleaned off 3 shelves, threw out OTC stuff, and plan to tackle some more but since I’ve been up since 3:30am, I’m heading back to bed. The cabinets and clutter can wait!

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