Easy Way to Organize Kitchen Towels and Dish Clothes

Easy Way to Organize Kitchen Towels

Last weekends post, Easy Way to Organize Food Storage Containers, was such a hit I wanted to share another quick tip to easily organize your Kitchen Towels.

I don’t know why I lived so long fighting to close this drawer. Every time I tried to, I was stuffing towels in to get the drawer closed without one poking out.

 Easy Way to Organize Kitchen Towels


EASY FIX – Simply ROLL your towels and dish clothes!  Kids can do this a chore. Believe me, mine love this job!


Easy Way to Organize Kitchen Towels


  1. Jo says

    That’s the way I pack my clothing (if I’m not using the packing cubes) in my luggage. Rolled up prevents wrinkling, too. I will do the same thing for my kitchen towels and dish rags. Neat idea.

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